Small businesses or startup companies are often in a dilemma whether to invest initially in VoIP phones. The Business VoIP Phones or Voice over Internet Protocol are also popular as Business VoIP, Hosted VoIP, Cloud PBX and various such terms.

Ask a business expert, and you will realize that the VoIP phone can serve as the backbone of your business communications, especially in the present scenario.

An alternate way of communication

In the age of smartphones and emails, the VoIP phone system is a cloud-based communication system that can help small businesses in multiple ways.  

  • You can make calls and receive calls over the internet. 
  • Avoiding complete dependency on the landlines. 

However, certain misconceptions may have refrained you from trying this system till now. So it’s time to know about the benefits and how a startup company can utilize the features of the system for maximum growth. 

Affordable Option

For a new business that has just started to spread its wings in the USA, using the capital for the necessities is a vital factor. Naturally, you will tend to apply strategies that will reduce the expenses The VoIP phone is the ideal option for such a business setup. 

  • It is a cloud-based technology and you won’t need to purchase any additional hardware for the purpose. 
  • As you will receive and make the calls via the internet platform, the rate will be cheaper than using the traditional lines. 

Therefore, the option is worth the amount you pay and will help you to save much over an indefinite period.

Multiple features 

If you select a good service provider, you can enjoy lots of features that will always benefit small businesses. 

  • Interactive Voice Response or IVR is essential to ensure quick transfer of the calls from the customers or potential customers to the right department. 
  • Easy call transferring options.
  • The customized greeting will go a long way in branding as people will gradually get conversant with the name of the company and the tone.

Moreover, features like Call recording, Call whispering, Music on Hold, Call Blocking, Call Flipping, Call Barging, Call monitoring, Voicemail to Email and more will add to the convenience of customer care service of your company. 

Boosting productivity

All these useful features and the absence of any complex system or hardware ensure that the productivity of your employees increases. 

  • The tele calling agents get the best platform to work on.
  • Then managers can use the different features to track and monitor the calls for quality assessment.
  • Allow the customers to enjoy the experience of interacting with the company.

The VoIP phones can bring the company closer to existing and potential customers. 

Stride towards excellence

If you have realized that the cloud-based phone system will be important for the startup business, you should inquire about the Business VoIP Phones from Telocall. We assure to enhance your experience of communication with loads of features. Inquire at our website or call us if you are ready to enjoy the flexibility. On availing of the service, you will realize that it is the best decision for any small or startup organization.