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Collaborate and increase productivity with Telocall’s Boomea VoIP application. Manage company performance anytime anywhere with Boomea! Boomea is a soft phone, telecommunications computer application available in your browser, on desktop, iPhone and Android apps.

Boomea Features

Web Phone

If you have access to a computer, you have access to your office phone system! The web phone enables users to make and receive calls right to their desktop app or browser.

Multiple concurrent calls / Mute/Unmute / Hold/Unhold / Call Park / Input and output settings / Recent calls / Display contact / Plantronics (Poly) communication history headset support / Create tasks and notes while on the web phone

Find Me Follow Me

A user may manage their own call routing by defining which devices to ring, in which order, and for what duration of time, including:

No Answer Route—where to send the call if the user does not answer

Busy Route—where to send the call if the user rejects the call

Outside Timeframe Route—where to send the call if the caller attempts to call the user outside their defined time frame

Time Frame Schedule—how a user can set the time frames that callers may reach them

Voicemail with Transcription

When you receive voicemail on the Atlas platform, the voicemail is sent automatically to the Boomea application and the new record appears— without the need to refresh. You can then listen to your voicemail, download it, or delete it. When you delete a voicemail from one device, it’s removed from all your devices at the same time—for easier voicemail management.

Presence Group

Presence Groups allow you to monitor, in real time, the phone status of other users and parking slots in your account. This functionality emulates BLF buttons on a VoIP device. Boomea receives status updates when users make or receive calls and when calls are parked and picked up from park. Users can create difference presence groups to customize their view of who and which parking slots they need to monitor.

Call History

Call records from the Atlas platform are pushed to the Boomea application in real time so a user can be up-to-date with calls, both missed and answered! No refresh is necessary as the records will appear as they are created.

Call Recording

When a user is recorded on the Atlas platform, the recording will be sent to the Boomea application and the record will appear without the need to refresh. If the user has access to other user’s recordings via management permissions, this user will be able to review, play, download, and delete those recordings. The user can only delete a recording if they are given the “delete” action by management permissions. Call recordings are ordered by date and time and display the name of the user that was recorded.

Call Center Console

Users can access the Telocall platform call center console from the Telocall application. This enables the user to monitor the status of their queues and agents in real time. The interactive display allows the user to click on an agent and see their specific queue statistics. Each user can login, logout and set themselves away on the application. Admins can login, logout, and set agents “away” and “ready” in the application. Users and admin can also see callers waiting in the queue.

Conference Center

Conference Center allows the conference moderator to manage all conference call participants and moderate the conference room. Features include lock/unlock conference, mute/unmute/deaf/undeaf all or single participants, eject participants, view participants who are speaking, realtime presence events allow moderators to know who is in the conference and their attendance duration.

SMS Text Messaging

Send one-on-one messages and group messages via public or private channels. Direct a chat to a singular person when in a group or channel by sending mentions. Use the @ symbol followed by the user’s name and they will receive a notification that they have an unread mention and the channel or chat will show a badge of the number of unread messages. 

Chat directly with contacts outside your organization who also use the Boomea UC client. When an outside person initiates a chat with you, a chat access rule will ask if you want to accept it, ignore for a set period, or block the user. This chat access rule is per person and can be changed at any time in your Boomea account settings. You may also define whether you wish to share your chat presence with that outside contact.

Chat Tasks and Notes

Streamline personal note taking as well as share them with team members—and Notes Mobile supports your iOS and Android devices.

Manage, delegate, and log your personal and organizational tasks directly—and Tasks Mobile supports your iOS and Android devices. 

Contacts Integration & Management

Integrate all your contacts – Apple, Google, Office 365 with Boomea. View and manage your contacts and avatars by syncing them with your integration point. 

Conference Video Meetings

Whether you’re working from home, at a satellite office, or on your commute, stay connected with face-to-face Boomea Meetings. Invite clients or guests (without a Boomea account) to join your video meeting by sending a meeting ID.

Video Conferencing / Screen Sharing / Scheduling / Record Meeting  


Do Not Disturb

 Set the Do Not Disturb option when you don’t want to get phone calls on your personal device.

Click-2-Call and Email

Click the phone icon to initiate a call to any phone number in your contacts list.

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