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VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Instead of traditional phone lines, Telocall utilizes the internet to create a high definition business phone service with powerful features to keep your business running smoothly

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PBX is our on-site hosting server that allows you to manage settings such as features or custom functions for companies with bigger clientele. Our hosting can handle your calls auto attended with custom functions. It is optional to connect your existing hosting to our servers and turn your Analog Phones into VoIP by installing an ATA in front of your router.

Custom Greeting

Create your own custom business message for after office hours and holiday calls


Call Group

Handle inbound calls through a predetermined group of phone numbers and extensions


Call Routing

Manage your own call routing by defining which devices to ring, in what order and duration of time.

Custom Hold Music

Add your own custom hold music, business message or advertisements

Simultaneous Ring

Choose to allow a single incoming call to reach multiple devices at the same time and ring several devices simultaneously.

Auto Attendant

Customize an auto attendant menu system that uses voice prompts to help callers navigate to the correct department


Dial By Name Directory

Let your incoming callers route themselves to the correct person or extension by searching for the name of the call recipient on their phone’s keypad


Each user (Ext) can have up to 5 devices listed under their account

New Numbers

Telocall can set you up with local phone numbers, toll free numbers or custom phone numbers

Custom Phone Numbers

 Use a word or catchy number that reflects your business. For example: 1-800-MY-COMPANY

Call History

Call logs with Telocall are up-to-date on calls, both missed and answered! No refresh is necessary as the records will appear as they are created.

Click 2 Call

Click the phone icon to initiate a call to any phone number in your contacts list.


Automate tasks and integrate Telocall into your systems with our fully documented APIs. Manage users, make calls, send texts, and more.


Call Forwarding & Transfer

Forward calls to any number you choose or transfer calls in-between devices


Call Queuing

Automatically distribute incoming calls from customers based on the call order. The caller remains on hold until an agent becomes available

Call Recording

Record and download calls on the Telocall platform

Professional Greetings

Your phone system greeting is the first thing callers hear. Set the right tone from the start with your professional custom recorded greeting.

Sequential Rings

Create a list of devices to ring in a scheduled order when you receive incoming calls.


Host a phone call with multiple participants with any phone number

Call Parking

Place callers on hold so that any business team member can take their call on a different phone.

Direct Inward System Access

(DISA) allows you to use the Telocall system for placing outgoing calls, event if you are far away from any registered device


Listen to your voicemails in our apps or by email. Telocall also offers group voicemail boxes and voicemail transcriptions

Voicemail Transcriptions

Voicemail transcription converts your voicemails to text so you can read them on your computer, iPhone or Android device.

Number Porting

Keep your existing phone number by porting it to the Telocall platform.

Online Faxing

Easily send online faxes by fax box, email to fax or fax to email.


Stay up-to-date on events happening in your Telocall account with webhooks. Webhooks allow you to receive real-time updates on specific events, such as incoming calls or voicemails.

Call Center Console

Users can access the Telocall platform call center console from the Telocall application. This enables the user to monitor the status of their queues and agents in real time. The interactive display allows the user to click on an agent and see their specific queue statistics. Each user can login, logout and set themselves away on the application. Admins can login, logout, and set agents “away” and “ready” in the application. Users and admin can also see callers waiting in the queue.

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