In a recent survey involving 1,300+ CEOs, 69% of them stated that they’re building virtual workforces. Remote work is still the norm in these organizations. Yes, some workers still have to physically visit their offices. But, overall, these organizations are becoming “hybrid” – partly remote/virtual and partly physical. Alas, this transformation won’t happen without technological assistance.

Without the right technology, workforces can’t go fully remote or hybrid. That’s why cloud telephony solutions for businesses are currently in such high demand. What are these solutions and can they address the communication challenges in hybrid workforces? Let’s explore. 

Communication Challenges in Hybrid Workforces 

  • Imagine you’re a customer, calling the call center of a company. After minutes of waiting, you’re connected with an overworked representative. This frustrating exchange takes a few more minutes out of your life. You get the answer you need but only after enduring a lot of frustration.
  • Now, let’s give another company’s call center a call. This time, you get an instant IVR message asking you to select your problem from a list of problems. As soon as you select an option, a customer care expert from the appropriate department gets on the line. You get the answer from the right expert almost immediately.

Compare these two experiences. Which one do you prefer? More importantly, which of these experiences would you like to give your company’s customers? Obviously, the second experience seems much better. That’s the type of customer service companies can provide when they have cloud telephony solutions.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony is a digital communication system that operates purely via the Internet. A hybrid workforce can create its own cloud telephony system. This system will be able to host files, customer messages, customer voice calls, and video data. 

  • The workforce can essentially unify all of its communication duties/tasks into one, easy-to-access cloud platform. 
  • What if the workforce has to make 500 extra video calls and 1000 extra customer calls every month? Well, no worries. Cloud telephony systems don’t rely on hardware. 
  • Workforces that use these systems aren’t tethered to traditional hardware. They can access, assess, and share workforce data from any hardware, anywhere in the world. 

This technology is also called “cloud calling.” That’s because customers can access business voice services via any Internet-connected device. An off-premise, third-party cloud telephony service provider facilitates these virtual, Internet-based calls. 

These service providers can also facilitate file sharing, SMS/MMS messaging, and business software integrations. Anything the hybrid workforce needs (in terms of communication) their cloud telephony partners can provide virtually and cost-effectively.

Going Hybrid with Cloud Telephony 

Cloud telephony eliminates the need for intermediaries inside organizations. Cloud telephony providers can automatically and remotely handle all call routing processes of a workforce. They allow these workforces to access their phone systems via web browsers or mobile apps.

Business operators can use their business phone systems from any device/location if they have cloud telephony. With cloud telephony, workforces can also –

  • Recruit new employees without having to buy new phone systems for them. Just give them virtual phone lines and numbers via the cloud telephony system
  • Receive free, hassle-free updates. Providers of cloud telephony solutions for businesses handle all the technical duties of keeping the communication system up-to-date.
  • Remote and hybrid working becomes easier as workers can access their business phone systems from their own devices. 

Digital transformation of a workforce is impossible with outdated, on-premise phone systems. Telocall is the leading cloud telephony service provider in the world. Over the years, we’ve helped small to large – business thousands of startups and small businesses digitize their communications. Want premium-quality cloud telephony solutions? Contact us now.